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Together we can reduce suicides.

Stigma Statistics is enabling suicide prevention through data and technology.

We provide technology solutions for Real Time Suicide Surveillance ('RTSS') and suicidal behaviour monitoring technology. You can view more information on these offerings on the solutions page.


We also provide a workplace wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention rating assessment called Safer & Supported in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

Please view our Safer & Supported  pilot case study here.

We are


The Problem.

We are facing global epidemic rates of suicides. 

There are currently disjointed and siloed approaches to sharing suicide information.
We need more visibility if we are to solve this problem.


Our Mission.

To stop the pain and suffering associated to suicide.

To become a global mental health organisation that provides responsive services from our data platform.

We can reduce suicides.

Real Time Data Enables.

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