Our team of experts collaborate to provide the following services:​

  • Safer & Supported - Our workplace mental health and suicide prevention assessment

  • Creation of suicide prevention strategies, including implementation, operation, measurement and reporting

  • Review of strategies and plans

  • Public places suicide prevention guidance

  • Risk factor analysis and reporting

  • Care pathways and escalation planning

  • Suicide awareness training

  • Suicide awareness leadership story telling

  • Suicide prevention and awareness content

  • Suicide prevention and awareness programmes

  • How data can be used for suicide prevention

  • Suicide prevention technology

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Safer & Supported.

We will assess your organisation on the factors of mental health and suicide prevention, provide you with a 1 to 5 rating and recommendations for areas of improvement.

5 Key Suicide Prevention Factors

  • Leadership & Management

  • Data & Communications

  • Healthy Working Environment

  • Healthy Lifestyle Management

  • Mental Health Management & Support

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