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The STAR Platform.

Our Suicide Tracking Analysis & Reporting ('STAR') platform enables the collation, sharing, analysis and reporting of suicide information. Our platform is used for Real Time Suicide Surveillance as well as Suicidal Behaviour Monitoring. 

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Real Time Suicide Surveillance.

The process allows for collecting data from a sudden death, whether it be from the Police or Coroner, and sharing the data with a key stakeholder who will input the data into the platform. All stakeholders are notified via the platform of a new event.


Services are able to add information relating to the death as well as further demographic, personal and medical information.

Escalation plans and lessons learned functionality form a key solution for suicide prevention.

Our robust reporting module offers a real time dynamic reporting with a case map and analysis tools.


One input. One source of truth.

Download the case study here.

The Process

Suicidal Behaviour Monitoring Technology.

Suicidal Behaviour Monitoring Technology.png

Our STAR Live cloud platform

uses data collected from loT

devices and telematic AI pattern

matching to create real-time

intelligence and notifications of

high risk behaviours that may 

require immediate intervention.

Suicidal Behaviour Monitoring Technology
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