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About Us.

Back in 2013, when Matthew was experiencing a period of depression, he not only witnessed a suicide but lost a friend to suicide. This set him off on a crusade to have impact in suicide prevention.

Moving to London, Matthew became a Trustee for one of the London Borough Mind mental health charities. Whilst the charity does amazing work, it was not hands on enough and he continued the search.

After reading about the American NGO, Cure Violence’s success in tackling gun violence through the use of epidemic methodology, connected was made with their team in Chicago to investigate whether the same methodology could be applied to suicides and where would be the ideal location for a pilot. In the exploratory phase, it became apparent that all the data was out of date and this initiate wouldn’t be the best used of resources. Instead, the attention was focussed on suicide data and it appear Governments around the world were crying out for a solution. If we are to solve an issue, we mind full visibility.

In the United Kingdom, the National Suicide Prevention Strategy targets “reducing the national suicide rates by 10 percent by 2020/21”. A component of this target is “improving data at national and local level and how this data is used to help take action and target efforts more accurately”. 

This was the opportunity he has been searching for. An opportunity to apply his corporate treasury experience of financial data and systems logic to a different data set. Stigma Statistics was launched with the mission “We can reduce suicides through global data insights”. Our vision is to become a global mental health organisation that provides responsive services from our data platform.


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